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YouTube Relaxing Music videos – with hidden messages

The following are two YouTube relaxing music videos with hidden messages that I have prepared and posted on YouTube. While listening to relaxing music, you can see pictures of different flowers growing in my environment. There are hidden messages in the videos designed to raise positivity and motivation. It often happens to us that we

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Happy Halloween – with photos and short video

For several years now, we have a tradition of putting PumpkinMen along with pumpkin decoration during Halloween. This year, I made one short video for my mom, who loves decorations for every occasion, which you can watch on YouTube. You are invited to support me and subscribe to my channel, like the video and comment.

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The First Signs of Spiritual Awakening – how it has begun

There are a lot of articles and videos online on the topic of what is spiritual awakening and consequently content that confirms, denies, encourages and defines this concept. I will not go into writing about what is or what is not awakening spirituality, because I have long-lived by the principle that there are as many

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