Monthly Positive Quotes – August 2021

These positive quotes are for the month of August 2021 and are famous quotes about flowers.august quotes

I will prepare a monthly video with new positive daily thoughts, with proverbs or quotes from famous writers, poets, philosophers, celebrities, and photographs by various authors and also posted it on this website.

Monthly Positive Quotes – August 2021

Sunday, August 1,  2021

“May your road today be painted with a field of flowers and a nice view.”
Rhonda Savage Thompson

August 1

Monday, August 2, 2021

“The earth laughs in flowers.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

august 2

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

“In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.”
Okakura Kakuzo

august 3

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

“Collaboration has no hierarchy. The Sun collaborates with soil to bring flowers on the earth.”
Amit Ray

august 4

Thursday, August 5,  2021

“As flowers increase the sweetness of the nectar by hearing the humming sounds of the bees, Om chanting increases the sweetness of life.”
Amit Ray

august 5

Friday, August 6, 2021

“Don’t let the tall weeds cast a shadow on the beautiful flowers in your garden.”
Steve Maraboli

august 6

Saturday, August 7, 2021

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”
Alexander Den Heijer

august 7

Sunday, August 8, 2021

“One person’s weed is another person’s wildflower.”
Susan Wittig Albert 

august 8

Monday, August 9, 2021

“I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one.”
Edna St. Vincent Millay

august 9

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”
Oscar Wilde

august 10

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

“Ideas are living creatures, active and activating, like flowers.”
Henry Miller

august 11

Thursday, August 12,  2021

“Remember that there is always some good in people who love flowers.”
Esther Hautzig

august 12

Friday, August 13, 2021

“Learn from flowers-always angle towards the sun.”
Maureen Joyce Connolly

august 13

Saturday, August 14, 2021

“Love speaks in flowers. Truth requires thorns.”
Leigh Bardugo

august 14

Sunday, August 15, 2021

“Without darkness, nothing comes to birth, As without light, nothing flowers.”
May Sarton

august 15

Monday, August 16, 2021

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.”
Luther Burbank

august 16

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

“Some flowers bloom in a different season.”
Avijeet Das

august 17

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

“Be like the earth, and let the flowers bloom.”
Avijeet Das

august 18

Thursday, August 19,  2021

“Friends, like flowers, make life more beautiful.”
Michele Farabee

august 19

Friday, August 20, 2021

“You’ve got to plant flowers in the center of your soul if you want to bloom.”
Melody Lee

august 20

Saturday, August 21, 2021

“I love flowers, I’d love to have the whole place swimming in roses.”
James Joyce

august 21

Sunday, August 22, 2021

“What a lonely place it would be to have a world without a wildflower!”
Roland R Kemler

august 22

Monday, August 23, 2021

“Flowers are the remnants of paradise on earth.”
John of Kronstadt

august 23

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

“You can’t choose to adore the flower and ignore the thorns. Love means loving every part of them, especially the unlovable parts.”
Sarvesh Jain

august 24

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

“I love your roots, not the flower everybody sees!”
Akilnathan Logeswaran

august 25

Thursday, August 26,  2021

“Flowers don’t tell, they show. That’s the way good books should be too.”
Stephanie Skeem

august 26

Friday, August 27, 2021

“From a tiny seed to dispersed pollen grains hoping to bloom someday – everything holds a story within it. We just need to observe a little more.”
Sijdah Hussain

august 27

Saturday, August 28, 2021

“Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars?”
Nora Roberts

august 28

Sunday, August 29, 2021

“Every flower holds the whole mystery in its short cycle. ”
May Sarton

august 29

Monday, August 30, 2021

“Every bird, every tree, every flower reminds me what a blessing and privilege it is just to be alive.”
Marty Rubin

august 30

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

“When you bloom like a blossom, you must help other flower buds to bloom too.”
Munia Khan

august 31

My thoughts on these quotes

I love flowers, and I enjoy watching how different flowers bloom in different periods, in their colors, shapes, durability. So for this month, I collected famous quotes on the topic of flowers and put them together in a video and this post.

With all this wisdom in these quotes, I would have a hard time deciding which one is my favorite because they are all very interesting and in-depth.

I will, however, highlight a quote by Alexander Den Heijer dated Saturday, August 7, 2021, that has a great message. If a person does not flourish and come to life in a certain environment, it is necessary to arrange the environment, not the person.

And a quote from Sarvesh Jain dated Tuesday, August 24, 2021. We are all whole with good and bad qualities, and when you love someone, you love both their good and bad sides if you accept them fully.

My monthly video

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Monthly Positive Quotes – August 2021


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Thank You

Thank you for reading my post Monthly Positive Quotes – August 2021, with famous quotes about flowers. I hope you enjoyed reading and thought about these quotes.

Do you have a favorite quote on the topic or which one touched you the most in the selection of quotes for this month? Do you know some famous quotes or statements about flowers? I look forward to your reflections on these quotes that you share with me in the comments.

I wish you a wonderful month of August, stop for a moment and smell the flower, admire its beauty and magic, and indulge in the moment.

6 comments on “Monthly Positive Quotes – August 2021”

  1. David Reply

    I love the Saturday, August 7th quote of the day, ““When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”  This resonates way bigger than just a flower, but points to individuals achieving their best, as far too often we get stuck in toxic environments which prevent us from growing. Great post!

    • admin Reply

      I totally agree with you. Thanks for visiting and kind comment.

      I wish you a beautiful month of August,


  2. Kokontala Reply

    Hello, I’m pleased to meet you.

    I love this post so much, I am going to spend this August with inspiration and energized to have read these positive quotes. Flowers are indeed adorable, I am not surprised these quotes are all about flowers. They beautiful, inspiring and memorable. There’s no doubt that flowers are food and medicine to the mind, I agree much.

     This is fascinating, thanks for sharing

    • admin Reply

      Thank you, I am very glad that you visited me and wrote this kind comment.

      I wish you a beautiful month of August,


  3. Cogito Reply

    Hi Nina. Thank you for another great post. Its so good to see that there are still places in web focused on something more then earning money. We all need optimism and positive thinking and your quotes for sure make it easier. And this month is especially important to me, as I love flowers and I believe that quests with them are especially beautiful.

    • admin Reply

      Thank you for your kind and inspiring words, you are always welcome to visit my site and find some quote with a message.

      I wish you a beautiful month of August,


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