About The Awakening Spirituality

The site is for my reflections on positive and spiritual content, sharing videos I post on YouTube, reviewing books and gifts that have positive and spiritual content, and positive famous quotes The website was created at the end of July 2020 and is evolving in terms of content and layout. Your comments are welcome.

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Positive Mindset

Positive thinking has positive results. "A positive mindset can be beneficial to your present and future self." Angel Moreira

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YouTube Channel Nina Klan

I’ve also been creating content on YouTube for a few months now. On my channel you will find weekly positive thoughts, videos with relaxing music and photos of flowers. Welcome to visit my channel and subscribe.

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The First Signs of Spiritual Awakening – how it has begun

There are a lot of articles and videos online on the topic of what is spiritual awakening and consequently content that confirms, denies, encourages and defines this concept. I will not go into writing about what is or what is not awakening spirituality, because I have long-lived by the principle that there are as many

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