Positive Life Affirmations – for daily practice

Positive Life Affirmations – for daily practice

I have already written in a previous article about how powerful affirmations have a positive impact on the quality of our lives. What are affirmations, how we use affirmations, what are the themes of affirmations can be found in the article Positive Healing Affirmations – for daily practice.

In this article, I will share the suggestions of Positive Life Affirmations – for daily practice, and some tips on how you can design your own affirmations.
positive life affirmations

Write your own powerful affirmations

1. Start the sentence with I, I am, I feel, or My

This is the most recommended form of affirmations because you’re making a statement about yourself, and it’s most effective. When designing affirmations, be careful to put them together in an affirmative positive form, as if you already have it and feel it, and not wanting or needing it.

2. Write your affirmation in the positive form

Choose one negative thought you have about yourself and would like to change that opinion or trait about yourself. Then write down a positive contrast that contradicts an existing belief.

3. Write your affirmation in the present tense

Always use the present tense and create an affirmation that confirms a positive statement. Do not condition the date and time in the affirmation, because in this way the affirmation cannot be manifested in the present tense.

4. Make your affirmations short

In addition to the affirmation being positive, it is also important that it is short and clear, specific and meaningful, as this makes it easier to understand and remember. As a result, you will find it easier and more often to say it out loud or in your mind.

5. Write Your Affirmations with emotions

First, you need to believe in your affirmation. Then invest your passion in writing and uttering an affirmation, and feel it in all its intensity.

6. Some recommended positive words for affirmations

As already written in the first point, it is great to start the affirmation with “I”, “I am”, “I feel”, “My”. We continue with the recommended and strong words, that, for example, are:
Amazed, Appreciated, Blessed, Confident, Creative, Delighted, Empowered, Excited, Focused, Fortunate, Free, Happy, Harmonious, Inspired, Joyful, Lovable, Loving, Open, Optimistic, Passionate, Positive, Powerful, Proud, Radiant, Serene, Strong, Succesful, Talented, Thankful, Unlimited, Uplifted, Vibrant, Warm, Wise, Worthy.

Positive life affirmations

positive life affirmations

These are some of my suggestions for positive life affirmations, but of course, it is welcome if you compose the affirmations yourself, if they come from you, they will have even more meaning and they will be even stronger. In this part, I will share powerful affirmations for a happy, successful, and dream life.

Positive Affirmations for Happy Life

1. I am a happy person.
2. My life is full of happiness.
3. I am blessed with a lot of happy moments.
4. I am attracting happy people, happy events and happy circumstances.
5. I share happiness with other people.
6. I choose every day to experience happiness.
7. I care about my happiness.
8. I love laughter and smiles.
9. My natural state is happiness and joy.
10.Today is my happiest day.

Positive Affirmations for Succesful Life

1. The Universe is helping me in every area of my life.
2. I start every day with gratitude.
3. I focus on what I can control.
4. I enjoy being successful.
5. I am the leader of my life.
6. I am powerful and capable.
7. I believe I can do anything.
8. I have unlimited potential.
9. Everything that I do attracts success.
10. Today is full of opportunity.

Positive Affirmations for Dream Life

1. The Universe is helping me achieve my dreams and goals.
2. I am worthy of my dreams.
3. I follow my dreams with passion and certainty.
4. My possibilities are endless.
5. I am doing everything to make my dreams come true.
6. I am the best version of myself.
7. I am working toward creating the life of my dreams.
8. I am unlimited in realizing my dreams.
9. I love my life.
10. Today I live my dream.

Recommended YouTube videos with positive affirmations

In a previous article, Positive Healing Affirmations, I shared some YouTube channels that have collections of videos with affirmations on various topics. In this article, however, I will share some videos with positive life affirmations that you can listen to. Sometimes it’s a great idea to play a video with recorded affirmations that are like guided meditations. You can find short, few minute-long videos, or longer ones, whichever suits you better.

“I AM” Affirmations to Change Your Life

THIS Will Change Your LIFE! | AFFIRMATIONS for Success | Mel Robbins

I Am Happy Affirmations | Positive Affirmations | Happiness Affirmations

‘THE GOOD LIFE’ Affirmations & Visuals for Success, Wealth & Happiness


These are just a few of the many videos you can find on YouTube. I searched for some of the most viewed, on the topic of affirmations as I have collected in this article. I suggest you browse a bit more and find videos that you will like.

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Our thoughts have an extremely powerful impact on our bodies and our lives. Unfortunately, research shows that about 80% of our thoughts during the day are negative. This means that negativity on a subconscious level controls us and shapes our lives.

By training positive thinking, we can improve our statistics and thus our quality of life. One of the techniques we can use to help ourselves is positive affirmations.

positive healing affirmations


A happy life begins inside us. Happiness and contentment emanate from us and spread outward. People who are happy have a perfect life, look forward to the day when they wake up in the morning, happily do everyday things, love the people around them, and go to bed satisfied in the evening. In this article, I share some tips, suggestions, and secrets that can improve the quality of our lives.

happy life


With positive thinking you can transform your life for the better in unimaginable proportions, your mind is unbelievably powerful. When the state of mind is positive and optimistic, it’s easier to cope with everyday circumstances. In this post, you can read about the importance of positive thinking in life. tips for positivity, the impact of positivity on our lives, and some positive quotes.

the importance of positive thinking

Thank you

Thanks for reading my article Positive Life Affirmations for daily practice. Do you implement positive information on a daily basis to improve your quality of life, or is this something new for you? I look forward to your opinions and comments!

I wish you all the best

22 comments on “Positive Life Affirmations – for daily practice”

  1. Orion Vangard Reply

    I have personally used several of the affirmations you described I absolutely love no. 8 ” I have unlimited potential”. This has truly improved my mindset and my overall day. I always believed that affirmations played an important role in a happy and successful life but it usually gets swept under the carpet with life and the challenges especially with what’s going on in the world. I am so happy I came across your article it really resonated and reminded me the importance of affirmation and a positive attitude. Subsequent to reading it I have written down my daily affirmations and intend to read them everyday with a minor adjustment you indicated which is keeping them in present tense, I think that’s super powerful

    • admin Reply

      I am very happy for your comment and your thoughts you wrote. I am glad that you have written down the affirmations in the present tense and will read them every day.

      I wish you all the best and much success,


  2. Martin Brown Reply

    I really enjoyed reading the content on this website. The information is laid out in a concise and easy to follow way. Meditation and mindfulness have played a big part in my life so after reading this article I want to add positive affirmation’s to my practice as well. Thank you. Martin 

    • admin Reply

      Affirmations are a great technique for raising positive thinking, I’m glad you’ll incorporate them into your life.

      Thanks for the kind comment.

      I wish you all the best and much success,


  3. LineCowley Reply

    There is a lot to say for the power of positive thinking and how we can affect our own thoughts and actions through positive vibes. You have given us some great advice and pointers to write down what is important to you. I do find it interesting that you say the affirmations need to be in the present tense and positive form.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks for your thoughts, I am very glad you visited me and wrote a comment.

      I wish you all the best and much success,


  4. Dana Reply

    So beautiful.  Loved reading this and learning how to write my own positive life affirmations. The YouTube channels I will be watching later tonight and really excited about that.  I know when I use positive affirmations in my life it makes my life extremely better.  You feel the positive happening.  Thank you for spreading this type of information on the internet.

    • admin Reply

      Affirmations really have a great impact on our well-being. Thanks for the kind comment. And I believe you will find some wonderful video that you will love.

      I wish you all the best and much success,


  5. DashDNations Reply

    I totally believe in doing this. I prefer to do it in prayer but starting the day with a deliberate and purposeful recognition of your goals and your abilities can put you into a productive and positive mind set. Mornings were I simply don’t take a moment to prepare myself end up being day’s that I wasted. I notice the difference.

    • admin Reply

      Prayer, too, is a wonderful form of uplifting positive well-being, especially if it is made up of your own thoughts and words. Thanks for the kind comment.

      I wish you all the best and much success,


  6. Kwidzin Reply

    I was just having a read at your post here as i just stumbled upon your website recently. I must say, I found it to be very interesting indeed. It was educational. I love posts like these because they always seem to remind you of certain things that can be so easily forgotten in the day to day hustle and bustle

    • admin Reply

      I’m so glad you liked this post. I also like to read a variety of content and articles because you can always learn something new or learn something interesting.

      Thanks for the kind comment.

      I wish you all the best


  7. Geoff Reply

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    I am in a really bad place at the minute and really find it difficult to find anything good in my life.  I see no further than the end of my nose.  But I must try to change that.  I must learn to be happy being alone and by myself, which is very difficult when used to being in a partnership.  But I will start to follow your steps and hopefully pull myself out of this hole.

    • admin Reply

      I am sorry that you are currently in a difficult life situation. With what you’ve written, I’m going to share with you another thought: “If you don’t see the way out, there’s still a way through.”

      I wish you that your life will get better soon,


  8. Cogito Reply

    Hi Nina. Thnank you for this great, optimistic post. Times are difficult, covid and all related items affected all of us, making us more stressed and depressed then ever. And its so good to something non commercial, focusing on our inner self and not on earning money. Looking forward for your next articles, it always makes me smile !

    • admin Reply

      I am very happy about your kind comment, thank you. Always welcome to my site!

      I wish you all the best


    • admin Reply

      True, it does not require much time, eventually, it becomes self-evident that you repeat positive statements, and it has a very beneficial effect. I really recommend it!
      I wish you all the best

  9. Blair villanueva Reply

    Positive words attracts positive energy. That’s how affirmation works! And only it will work if we start believing ourselves.

  10. Christiana Reply

    I love this. I have started taking positive affirmations a lot more seriously these days and I see it work me. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • admin Reply

      I’m glad you’re testing the affirmations and noticing that they work! I wish you much joy and success with your affirmations,

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