The best way to live a happy life

A happy life begins inside us. Happiness and contentment emanate from us, and spread outward. People who are happy have a perfect life, look forward to the day when they wake up in the morning, happily do everyday things, love the people around them, and go to bed satisfied in the evening. It is true that unfortunate things happen to happy people, but because of their attitude towards life, they find it easier to cope with hardships, accidents and problems.

Are you happy and content with your life? Would you like to improve it? Below I will share some tips, suggestions and secrets that can improve the quality of our lives.

Start of the day

Create a unique morning routine that should become a habit. The routine should consist of activities that will make you happy and motivate you to get out of bed as soon as possible. It should last as long as you can take it – from a few minutes to an hour. Example: smile at yourself when you look in the mirror; tell yourself you love yourself, do some exercise to wake up your body; do a breathing exercise to wake up your brain, choose a positive quote of the day that will accompany you throughout the day, write it down and carry it with you; say some inspiring affirmations… Below I will list suggestions from which you can choose the ones that appeal to you, you find it fun and you will be happy to implement them.

End of the day

Just like in the morning, create a bedtime routine for the evening and make it a habit. Let this routine be just your time that you give to yourself. It can only take a few minutes, but it can be longer. Example: read a few pages of a book that inspires you, read a poem; give thanks for today and for everything that happened during the day; listen to soothing music; perform a meditative relaxation of the body before going to bed… The following are suggestions that you can put together on your own.

You can create shorter morning and evening routines during the week and longer ones during the weekend. You can experiment with activities to find out which ones suit you best. But stick to the routine. By devoting time to yourself, you show yourself self-esteem.

Tips for morning and evening routine

1. Smile to yourself – for example in the bathroom in front of a mirror;

2. Tell yourself you love yourself – for example, right after you smile at yourself in front of the mirror;

3. Stretch and exercise – for a healthy and flexible body;

4. Breathing technique – to refresh the brain and relax the body;

5. Meditation – to relax the body and raise spiritual vibrations;

6. Choose a positive quote of the day – write it down or remember it and think about it several times during the day;

7. Share the selected positive quote with at least one person – send by message;

8. Say some inspiring affirmations – for a positive attitude towards life and for helping to achieve goals;

9. Write a gratitude list – list what you are grateful for everyday (for example for a healthy and flexible body, for family, for friends, for the air you breathe, for food, for beautiful nature,…)

10. Read something positive each day – anything with light content;

11.Learn a new word each day – some difficult word in the mother language or what word from a foreign language if you are learning it;

12. Learn something new each day – broadens your horizons and your knowledge;

13. Listen to soothing music – to calm the mind and relax the body;

14. Dancing to your favorite music – dancing liberates the mind and body;

15. Make a plan for this or the next day – work smart and have enough time to spend quality time with family and friends

Tips for everyday life


1. Wake up early;

2. Eat healthy food;

3. Drink a lot of water;

4. Tell your loved ones that you love them;

5. Call and meet with at least one good friend;

6. Smile a lot and to other people;

7. Always say please and thank you;

8. Do something nice for someone;

9. Offer to help someone;

10. Compliment someone;

11. Listen when people talk to you;

12. Surround yourself with positive people;

13. Take a walk, spend time in nature;

14. Be a person of your word;

15. Be creative in different areas of life;

16. Set achievable goals;

17. Make mistakes and learn from them;

18. Be humble to all that is;

19. Develop spiritual life;

20. Get a good nights sleep.

3 Secrets for a happy life


Self-esteem – you are a unique and precious being and you deserve to be happy. You have your purpose and you are exactly where you need to be. And here where you are, is your place. Respect yourself, be proud of everything you have achieved and optimistic about everything that is ahead of you. Never underestimate yourself because you deserve respect.

Gratitude – We have many reasons to be grateful in life. Gratitude directs our attention to everything beautiful and good that surrounds us and happens to us. Let gratitude become a way of life.

Positivity – develop a positive attitude towards life in a way that you look at everything from a positive point of view and consciously maintain a positive level. As a positive person, you will extend your positivity to other people and to everything that surround you.

The best way to live a happy life – conclusion


For the best way to live a happy life, it is necessary to lay the foundations, these can be laid by following the secrets, creating a morning and evening routine and following the various suggestions, some of which are also listed here. A happy life begins within us, and when we have a healthy foundation, we also find it easier to deal with the obstacles, problems, and issues that befall us.

Of course, there are many ways to live a happy life, and I will be happy if you share your suggestions or ideas in the comments.

Thank you for reading the article “The best way to live a happy life”.

I wish you a happy life,


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22 comments on “The best way to live a happy life”

  1. Jackie Reply

    Well, I can’t deny that this is a lovely one. I mean you’re up here telling me about how I can make my life better and also how I would be able to live a happy life at the last and I just love love the information here. This is the kind of life that everyone wants and me too. I’ll see how I can tweak my lifestyle to go with what you’ve given here.

    • Nina Reply

      I am very glad that you like what is written and that you responded with a kind comment.

      I wish you good luck,


  2. ReeceMichael Reply

    Hello Nina, 

    There are so many ways to get yourself into the right mood and be a better person, but you’ll have to first have the right mindset and work towards it. These are very good tips and exercising and reading thought provoking books, journals and articles have been very effective for me and I hope it works for other people too. 

    • admin Reply

      Yes, you’ll have to first have the right mindset and work towards it to become happy. Thanks for your nice comment!

      I wish you good luck,


  3. philebur Reply

    Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us.I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s one needs to be aware of in order to live a happy life. I do agree with you, in order to achieve this one needs to start from somewhere. Following these tips listed here would be a great start

    • admin Reply

      I’m very glad you did enjoy going through my post, thanks for your nice reply!

      I wish you good luck,


  4. Rob Reply

    Hi Nina, I would like you to know that after reading your “Tips for morning and evening routine” I am going to start a few of them today.

    The ones I will knock off the list this week will be, to stretch and exercise, the breathing technique, dancing to my favorite music, and making a plan for the next day!

    I do a couple of these already (dancing to my favorite music) but I know I need to do more.

    I will revisit and bookmark your page so I can knock off the rest of the morning and evening routine.

    • Nina Reply

      Thanks for telling me which suggestions you like and will implement, the combinations are really numerous.
      I also love to dance, and since I have a daughter, I also get her used to dancing.
      I wish you all the best and best regards,

  5. Kuntala Bhattacharya Reply

    Very nice post, perfect way to start your day and enjoy a happy life which I am struggling now with everyday. Hope I can follow your tips and bring some mental relief.

    • Nina Reply

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I wish you and your family to sort things out soon.
      I send a lot of love,

  6. blair villanueva Reply

    Being grateful and being positive every day is the best key for a happy life. Even we encounter hardship, we should be grateful coz it is our opportunity to learn and grow.

    • Nina Reply

      Yes, it’s true, you wrote this very nicely, thanks for the kind comment.
      I wish you all the best

    • Nina Reply

      Yes, it really makes life easier and better!
      Thanks for your visit, I wish you all the best,

    • Nina Reply

      I’m glad you like my post with information and suggestions for a positive life.
      Thanks for visiting and kind comment.
      I wish you all the best

  7. Emily Fata Reply

    I really love these methods to start your day off from beginning to end! I try to deeply breathe throughout the day, and reflect on things that I’m grateful for.

    • Nina Reply

      The deep breathing technique is great for relaxing the brain, mind and body. Thanks for visiting!
      I wish you all the best

  8. Marta Reply

    Very nice post, its just one thing you can not be positive all the time. That is not realistical. Humans feel different emotions through out the day. One of them is going to be saddnes, anger or other ones we call negative. Ita perfectly normal to feel them. Ignoring them or denying them is going to have more inpact then accepting it, dealing with them and moving on. But over all its a very helpful post with very valid points made.

    • Nina Reply

      I agree, it’s only natural that we sometimes have negative emotions as well, but with an overall positive approach to life, we find it easier to cope, understand them, and react maturely.
      Thanks for visiting and kind comment!
      I wish you all the best

  9. Renata Feyen Reply

    I am quite happy except for the fact that I have a chronic illness but that is something I can’t change so I try not to let it get me down 🙂

    • Nina Reply

      I’m sorry you have a chronic illness, but I’m glad for you that you’ve learned to live with it and you’re happy in life.
      I wish you all the best

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