The First Signs of Spiritual Awakening – how it has begun

There are a lot of articles and videos online on the topic of what is spiritual awakening and consequently content that confirms, denies, encourages and defines this concept. I will not go into writing about what is or what is not awakening spirituality, because I have long-lived by the principle that there are as many truths as there are people, so the spiritual awakening is completely unique and individual experience for each individual. And there are also as many paths to this goal as there are people. However, there are certain signs that many people experience and we can talk about them. I will mention in this article only the more basic ones that I also experienced.

My spiritual awakening did not happen in one moment, but various difficult periods led me on the path of discovering deeper truths. I had different periods when I felt lonely and abandoned from everything, I felt tired and lacked motivation, my mood was low and I was depressed, I was lost and didn’t know which direction was right, I felt like I didn’t belong on this planet. As a child, I sought solitude and escaped into the world of books, and as a teenager I discovered books with spiritual content, which started to help change my life.

As I mentioned, I will list some signs that have led me on my spiritual path. This is how it has begun for me – some of my first signs of spiritual awakening, which you may begin to perceive as well. I didn’t experience them all at once, but I experienced them gradually, depending on the situation and circumstances.

Unconditional Love and Gratitude

You start to love everything and everyone unselfishly, without limitations and conditions. Your love is universal, with no bounds and unchanging. This pure love begins with unconditional acceptance and self-love, and extends to all living beings, to the entire planet, and to the entire universe in all dimensions. Your whole being becomes imbued with this love.

Life gives us a lot of blessings every day, for which we can be grateful and you begin to perceive them and feel genuine gratitude for them. These reasons for everyday gratitude can be, for example, a healthy and beautiful body; relatives and friends who stand by our side; the food we eat that gives us strength; drinking water; … There are various exercises with which we can strengthen our daily gratitude.

Increased Inner Peace

Or in other words peace of mind is a state of mental and spiritual calmness, it is a feeling that comes from the depths of the heart and is divine, primordial and wonderful. You start notice that you have become internally stable and that external stressors do not upset your balance. In all situations, you act calmly and prudently, with a loving approach.

Increased Empathy and Intuition

Empathy is the ability to perceive the emotions and feelings of others. We begin to understand and feel people the way we understand and feel ourselves. We knew how to delve into them and perceive their circumstances.

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge and insight into things on a subconscious level. We intuitively begin to perceive the world around us and over time we are able to act more and more on the inner feeling in everyday life.

Both increase through growth, awareness, and there are various techniques that we can use to strengthen them.

Compassion and Positivity

If we are compassionate to others, we are able to understand them with an enhanced desire to help improve their lives. If we are compassionate, we know how to step out of ourselves and delve into them and perceive their circumstances.

Every day, many thoughts arise in our mind, which we call self-talk. Your thoughts start to shift from negative to positive, what have an amazing beneficial effect on our daily life.


You begin to notice that things, moments, events happen to you synchronously without a causal connection, but they seem to be meaningfully connected. Every action triggers a fatal chain of events that guide you and improve your life. Small and big coincidences will play an important role in anything that will cross our path as an experience.

Perception of Reality

Reality is a fact, and the perception of reality is unique to each individual because each of us perceives the world through our own eyes.

You begin the process of transforming the perception of the inner and outer world. The truths you knew about your inner and outer world will either dissipate or upgrade to new dimensions. You will become aware of concepts, phenomena, and circumstances inside and outside of you that you didn’t even know existed before, and all of this will affect your new perception of reality.


Unity and wholeness is a state of perfect harmony and is the most natural state there can be. You will get a strong sense of closeness, affinity and kinship with everything and everyone that exists on all levels, and the realization that you are everything and everyone. You will begin to appreciate and respect every form of life because your energy is intertwined with all that is.

Other Signs

There are many signs of the awakening spirituality. Which signs and how you will perceive them, again, depends only on you. And however you will, it will be right. There are some more signs, I didn’t list but also experiencing: Letting Go of Attachment; Increasing Authenticity; Increasing Sensitivity; Occurring Miracles; Responsibility for Creating Reality; An Awareness of My Eternal Nature; A Trust and Surrender to the Flow of Life; Sense of Joy and Relief, Living in the “Now” …

With spiritual awakening, growth begins that leads to spiritual maturity. The pace depends on each individual. My journey of realizing that I am not only a human but also a spiritual being began early and slowly. Certain insights matured, evolved, and were reinforced by various signs. Spiritual awakening is not a one-time event but is a process that takes you on a spiritual path.

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